CPANear offers a simple way to connect your accounting business with potential customers in your area, allowing you to take a step back from marketing so you can focus on your work. Elegant, simple and easy to use, CPANear offers a way to generate revenue without the headaches of finding new leads.

1. Create an Account

Creating an account with CPANear is easy, and with the social login feature it allows you to login easily every time you return, so that you won’t have to log back in every time you return. You’ll be creating listings, getting reviews, and generating leads in no time!


2. Submit Your Listing

Submitting a listing using CPANear is super simple, and we’ve made entering the address of your business even easier, using our Google Places API plugin  we can auto complete the your listing address.

You can even fully customize your listing page with descriptions, images, pricing, contact info and even link back to your site so potential customers will have everything they need to know up front.  Past customers can leave reviews and rate their experience with your business to provide social proof.  Visitors to CPANear can even contact you directly by phone or email from your listing page in one easy click.

3. Get More Interest In Your Place

This may not be the first time you look for a listing directory to post your business, but it will be the last. Because with CPANear you have access to more exposure than your own website relying on organic traffic, and it requires little to no maintenance.  New business will continue to flow your way.

CPANear is as sleek as it is simple. Let’s be honest, the problem with most listing directories that are highly functional is that they are not easy to use.  Furthermore, they get packed full of irrelevant businesses making the most practical ones hard to find for customers.  Our site provides users with direct access to accounting business by type in their specific area- it’s that easy!

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